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New Website

Hey folks!

Just another quick reminder that I have now moved site. You can now see my pics and other stuff over at

This site will be kept as an archive until i figure out a way to transfer all of the content over. Can’t get it to work so far…

All the best and many thanks!


New Website

Hey folks!

Just wanted to remind everyone again that I have a new site over at

This is where I’ll be posting photographs and related info from now on, as well as other non photography related stuff about my PhD study on drug policy and other articles/rants/ramblings.

Come join me!


New website

Hey everyone!

So it’s been a very long time since I’ve posted anything on this blog, and for various reasons, mainly because of time constraints with work and university preventing me actually being able to get out and take any pictures.

As a way of combining what I do at university and my photography I have put together a new website which will include photography, as well as an ‘on line literature review’ for my PhD study, and a general blog with my thoughts on various topics which interest me. The new page is hosted on WordPress, so it should be possible for those of you on WordPress still to follow, and for other I will be setting up an email subscription shortly. I will be keeping this site up as an archive with a link to here form my new page, but will no longer be posting anything from this site form now on.

So, I would be very grateful if you would come join me over at my new website. It’s been a long time since I’ve spoke to some of you and I don;t know how many of you are still online, or maybe like myself have found life a bit too hectic to keep on blogging.

The previous link was a bit dodgy, so here is a new one that definitely works:)

Many thanks,


Ailsa Craig at sunset


Ailsa pano C

Ailsa Craig is a small island off the south west coast of Scotland. The island is a now extinct volcano, and currently serves as a natural bird sanctuary. This shot was taken from Prestwick beach.


Glasgow Necropolis skyline

Glasgow Nacropolis skyline

Kelvingrove Park

Kelvingrove park from a couple of weeks ago, before all the leaves were gone and the temperature started to really drop…


Kelvingrove Park in the Autumn

Glasgow’s Clyde Arc Bridge

Glasgow’s Clyde Arc bridge, and the luxury apartments on the north side of the river, in Broomielaw.

Sunset Germany style (and a request)

Hey folks. I’ve been away visiting a friend in Germany the past week or so, hence the lack of activity, but I have lots (about 500) pictures from my travels. Some are silly and some just for my own memories so don’t worry I wont be sharing all of them! I got lots of different shots, some like this one, others of the tallest skyscrapers I’ve ever seen (taller than the ones in Scotland anyway…) and some of typical German architecture and towns. This picture was taken from up a hill near Linden – Leihgestern, Hesse, Germany. Germany is a beautiful country.

The second pic is from a few weeks back during the Edinburgh Festival, since Belen over at Artismysanity asked if she could see the colour version of one of the shots I had posted in a more edited form. This is the image with just a couple of tweaks to contrast, colour etc.

More from the Edinburgh Festival

A Charlie Chaplin impersonator and a guy drawing a pentagram on the ground, on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh.


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